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True Beauty
Here's Marco Dalla Libera from Italy with a stunning mirror carp caught during his last session in a small canal.
Marco was fishing with his new set of Prologic Quasar rods in 10ft versions, single hookbaits on XC4 hook and Reptilian V2 coated hooklinks.

Congrats Marco!
The Dark Common
Our German consultant Stefan Gysbers was fishing his club water doing some final testing on our new SLP rod pod that will be released around the middle of September.

It was a great day and the rod pod performed perfectly even with strong side runs. This beautiful common was the perfect ending to this successful day. The SLP rod pod is now fully tested and ready after almost 2 years of development!
Fast Water Action
Italian team member Fabio Pellizzari recently caught a bunch of good common carp on the mighty Po river. Due to the extremely hot weather Fabio decided to fish a pretty deep area where the current is flowing fast, creating perfect conditions for carp. (They tend to spend most of the time in these kinds of spots due to the better oxygen conditions).

The Prologic Fast Water rods 12'6" 4lbs are simply the best rods available for this situation thanks to the powerful but forgiving action that allow to cast leads up to 14Oz plus PVA bags. They also have plenty of progressive action to tame big carp in fast flowing waters.

Well done Fabio !!
Small rod - BIG CARP
Our Italian consultant Kevin Zanetti went fishing a mountain lake trying to escape from the terrible heat of these last weeks in northern Italy. Kevin decided to fish with his C.O.M. 9ft telescopic rods due to the small average size of the carp in that lake. It was quite a surprise, and an epic battle when he hooked up this immaculate 17.1kg common carp!
Tackling the Weed
Good news from our UK consultant Liam Deacey!

"With the weed getting really thick as of late on my syndicate water it's absolutely essential to have the right terminal tackle for the job. And the prologic end tackle range is more than up for the task! One of Lincolnshires finest in all its glory!

Xc4 hooks alongside gladio link line aligner style.
River Jackpot for Kevin
Our Italian consultant Kevin Zanetti just landed another fantastic 19.6kg river common, followed by another 10.5kg common a few hours later. Keeping the spot baited regularly and fishing short evening session seems to be the right strategy for our consultant who is now in the process of testing our new braided mainline. As always, the 9'6" Fast Water rods do the business for Kevin. Congrats from all the crew, that is a real river beast!
Fishing in the Snags
UK consultant Tony Smeets has managed a couple of sessions of snag fishing at a local water over the last few weeks. It's been hard fishing, but he's had great results. A few fish made the old heart race trying to get back into the snags but it was great fun that went well. The Prologic Quasar rods, Mimicry line and XC4 hooks made sure the fish came to the net.
When Less Is More...
UK Consultant, Rik, paid his local water a visit last Friday. But to his surprise, he did not fish. The lake was too busy and he could not get near the fish. He returned the following day to find half the anglers had left with poor results. Knowing there would of been a fair amount of bait already gone in. He decided to fish a simple 4 bait PVA stringer. His first run came within 30mins of casting out!! His tally using this method resulted in 4 more carp before midnight.
Remember sometimes less is more!
Jackpot for David
Our man in Slovenia David Primozic nailed another fantastic fish during his last session. David spent two and half days on the water landing 15 carps in total, but let's hear the full story from David:

"I chose a swim very close to a pontoon bridge and I managed to land 15 fish, with an average weight of 11 kg. The biggest success was landing this massive 20,5kg mirror, which gave me a hell of a fight.

45 minutes on a boat and 2 times running away through steel wires holding the bridge. I was lucky to use Bulldozer Mimicry snag leader, otherwise I would definitely have lost this fish, because I have felt the line rubbing on steel wire.

All the other carp were also extremely strong, so Quasar 390cm, 3,5 lbs rod did the job superbly. Not to forget XC4 hooks in size 4 - haven`t lost even one single fish."
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