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River Jackpot for Kevin
Our Italian consultant Kevin Zanetti just landed another fantastic 19.6kg river common, followed by another 10.5kg common a few hours later. Keeping the spot baited regularly and fishing short evening session seems to be the right strategy for our consultant who is now in the process of testing our new braided mainline. As always, the 9'6" Fast Water rods do the business for Kevin. Congrats from all the crew, that is a real river beast!
Fishing in the Snags
UK consultant Tony Smeets has managed a couple of sessions of snag fishing at a local water over the last few weeks. It's been hard fishing, but he's had great results. A few fish made the old heart race trying to get back into the snags but it was great fun that went well. The Prologic Quasar rods, Mimicry line and XC4 hooks made sure the fish came to the net.
When Less Is More...
UK Consultant, Rik, paid his local water a visit last Friday. But to his surprise, he did not fish. The lake was too busy and he could not get near the fish. He returned the following day to find half the anglers had left with poor results. Knowing there would of been a fair amount of bait already gone in. He decided to fish a simple 4 bait PVA stringer. His first run came within 30mins of casting out!! His tally using this method resulted in 4 more carp before midnight.
Remember sometimes less is more!
Jackpot for David
Our man in Slovenia David Primozic nailed another fantastic fish during his last session. David spent two and half days on the water landing 15 carps in total, but let's hear the full story from David:

"I chose a swim very close to a pontoon bridge and I managed to land 15 fish, with an average weight of 11 kg. The biggest success was landing this massive 20,5kg mirror, which gave me a hell of a fight.

45 minutes on a boat and 2 times running away through steel wires holding the bridge. I was lucky to use Bulldozer Mimicry snag leader, otherwise I would definitely have lost this fish, because I have felt the line rubbing on steel wire.

All the other carp were also extremely strong, so Quasar 390cm, 3,5 lbs rod did the job superbly. Not to forget XC4 hooks in size 4 - haven`t lost even one single fish."
Slovenian Carp Session
Our Croatian team members Miho and Tomo spent the weekend in a a Slovenian lake, where they methodically pre-baited. They landed over 40 carp during the session, including this beautiful Koi carp! Good job guys!
Day Ticket Success
UK Consultant Rik took a break for a few days, and decided to visit the Stanwick Lakes complex in Northamptonshire. Setting up on the Mallard lake he spotted a group of fish sunning themselves on the back of a strong/cold South west wind. He found an firm area at about 40yrds range and presented his combi style rigs with 30 free offerings of the Krusty Krab boilies. Well it wasn't to be, the first night saw Rik catch Bream !!!

So as the morning woke he noticed a few fish showing to the far margin. Quickly he tied up some solid PVA bags of micro pellet and crushed boilies and cast to showing fish. This seemed to be what they wanted, as Rik soon had a bend in his rod. Landing 6 stunning fish consistently through out the rest of his time there.
Mr. Consistent
News coming in from our UK consultant Rik Johnson.

"A spur of the moment decision, proved to be the right call by Rik. With the weather still so inconsistent at the moment in the UK, Rik fished into the teeth of a Easterly wind at the shallow end of the lake knowing he only had a 12 hour window before the wind would completely swing around to South Westerly and the he would have to leave for family engagement, but also knowing the fish would follow the new wind to the opposite end of the lake.

Rik opted to use small PVA mesh bags of crushed Krusty Crab Boilies at the bottom of the near marginal shelf were he presented his snowman style combi rigs constructed from our Mimicry hook link and Desert Viper braid. Size 6 XC4 hooks made sure all 4 runs were converted into very hard fighting banked fish, before the elements completely changed again and the fish moved out".
Get inspired!
"Do you know that feeling? When a trip to another country is coming close by. A country like France, Spain, Italy or even Serbia. A country where you can fish for carp as well.

Packing up all your gear, sorting everything out and daydreaming about what you will catch there. Well I do, and I can't wait to go. If you are going as well soon or have been on a trip recently and caught a nice one with the help of our products, then let us know and send in a picture with one or more of our products in it. For now, get your reels full with Mimicry line, a set of extra batteries for our bite-alarms, your Hexagon clothing on and enough of our tackle in your tacklebox. Go for it! Represent Prologic! Have some great summer sessions and catch some big ones".

-Felix van der Marel
German Obesity
Wow! Have a look at this pot-belly pig!

Our German Prologic consultant, Olli, caught this fish the other day while targeting one of his local venues. The take was very subtle, but once the fish was on - it chartered off like a freight-train.

Olli had to use all the muscle power in his Prologic C2 rod and Okuma Trio Rex reel to control the fish - and the Mimicry line was put to a serious test when keeping the fish free of all the snags in lake.

Way to go, Olli!

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