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German Obesity
Wow! Have a look at this pot-belly pig!

Our German Prologic consultant, Olli, caught this fish the other day while targeting one of his local venues. The take was very subtle, but once the fish was on - it chartered off like a freight-train.

Olli had to use all the muscle power in his Prologic C2 rod and Okuma Trio Rex reel to control the fish - and the Mimicry line was put to a serious test when keeping the fish free of all the snags in lake.

Way to go, Olli!

Thinking about getting a new landing net for the incoming season ? Give a look to our new Zigger landing net, some new good ideas behind this product !! For more infos, here is the You Tube video presentation :
New top of the range rod : the QUASAR
Time to unveil our new top of the range rods for 2015. The totally new QUASAR rods feature a crossover core construction for the blank (46 tons HM carbon) that gives incredible sensitivity and a proper fast - progressive action while keeping a slim diameter. Top quality components used : Fuji KSWG tangle free guides, C40X carbon reel seat with Fuji screw and hood and carbon wrapping for all the guides. Available in 4 different version 10 ft 3.25lbs 12 ft 2.75lbs 12 ft 3.25lbs 13th 3.50lbs.
Check out all the incredible features with our UK consultant Rik Johnson :
MIMICRY 3D CAMO Water Gost XL proofs very well
Really good feed back just received from our German consultant Bastian Reetz.
"After some busy weeks I started to fish and pre-bait a very heavily pressured syndicate lake right next to my new home. And I wanted fish different than all the others, so I fished very shallow right next to some bushes with slack lines. Mainline and rig (!) were made of the new 0,40mm MIMICRY 3D WATER GHOST and all fish were landed right next to the snags without a single hook pull because of its good abrasion resistance and the controlled stretch. One of the bigger commons, a fish which is not often caught, was the first fish I safely landed with this tactic. Hook choice as usual XC4 size 6, bait was BKS 24mm...Get out there, they are feeding at the moment."
New Mimicry monofilament
Our new Mimicry monofilament range have received the EFTTA award as "Best new monofilament line" during the last EFTTEX show in Bruxelles, an important award that proof the serious development we have done with this new and revolutionary product.

For the past two years Prologic have invested a lot of time and effort to bring you the unique Mimicry 3d camo technology . With the success of there already popular and award winning clothing range, we are now ready to take it to the next level, with our brand new revolutionary Mimicry 3d camo mono. A mononifilament which boasts, as with all Prologic lines, low diameter, high breaking strain and good abrasions resistance, but now incorporating our mimicry 3d camo technology.
A pattern which cannot be applied to your every day run of mill monofilament. So only a mono of the highest quality coopolymer is good enough to apply our new mimicry 3d concept .
With the mimicry pattern the lines the profile is totally absorbed into its surroundings and cloaked from the vision of any targeted fish. This can only be achieved by mixing four natural shades and colours and by being applied to the line in a totaly random manor, therefore fusing the natural light spectrum and eliminating the outline or presence, of an outside edge.
The evolution of the new mimicry camo range has begun taking you to the 3rd dimension.
To cover every fishing situation we have developed 3 different blends of mimicry 3d camo mainline, all of them with excellent breaking strength, sinking and reduced stretch
Rik did it again !
Rik did it again ! Once more top rod of the lake on his annual trip to Les Quis Complex in France. Here the nice message we have just received from Rik : "I Had a very tricky session last week at the Les Quis complex in France. Many more pictures to follow soon !
But what a way to finish testing on the new C2 Nature carp rods.
using the 12ft 3.5 version, you could say they got tested to the extreme.
having to cast .40 main lines to over 130 yrds to submerged snags and fish locked up Hit n Hold style. The rods performed fantastic they have a lovely crisp tip section to aid big casts but are also very forgiving under to tip when playing fish which helps reduce hook pulls.
I finished top rod catching over 35 fish in the week session, with 16 of them being over 30lbs and lot nearer to 40lb.
With the new rods now having full cork handles and 50mm ringing they also got a lot of interest from other anglers who loved the look/style."
This fish is simply.....WOOW ! Our Italian friend Marco spent the week end in the biggest Italian River, the Po river, and together with his friend they have landed 16 fish during this 2 night session, they have prebaited the spot with our BK2S readymades just before starting the session and in less than 10 hours the fishes went crazy, the average size was extremely good and this 18.8kg mirror with amazing colors was the biggest of the session. Well done Marco !
firt fish on the new C3 rods for Stefan !
First fish on the new C3 rods for our friend Stefan Gysbers who sent us this nice report : "here a nice catch of a grasscarp. It´s the first fish, that i have catch with my brand new New C3.The rods have worked perfectly! Now in Springtime i´m using the baits from the Leviathan-Series. I decided for the Xtra Wberry, as fruity baits are the best chose to catch a grassy in springtime on my club waters.
I use as mainline the Interceptor Long Distance ,size 0,35mm.This line is strong enough for the mighty escape of the grassies and fast sinking, because i´m fishing with slack lines.My baits i offered on hooklink Desert Viper in 30lbs,becauce the bottom is very sandy an this braid is, simply said, invisible on the bottom. Used hook was a XC6, size 4. A really good "Last Meter" . Well done Stefan !!
One more great fish for Denis!
Our French consultant Denis Curot sent us another good report from his last afternoon session : "Again, a short 2H30 afternoon session on a properly prebaited swim with 20mm Bioliver readymades. This 18,7kg mirror felt to a 16mm Bioliver snowman soaked in Bioliver Liquid Dip, size 6 XC4 hook and 0,41 Spectrum V2 hooklink, very close to the margin. C2 10' 3lbs rod, Okuma Axeon 60, and 0,30mm River Special Mono line." Well done Denis !
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