11 Takes in Two Days

11 Takes in Two Days

Here’s the latest from our Croatian consultant, Miho Vudrag.

“Last weekend I was fishing in the mountain lake Mrzla Vodica. In Croatia it’s still very hot so this is one of a few destinations where you can enjoy fishing in low temperatures ( 15C during night).

The water and nature around the lake is beautiful and the carp are very strong. In two days of fishing I had 11 bites, but I lost a few carp in grass and underwater trees.

I was fishing with Prologic C2 „Natura“ rods 12ft 2.75ft, Okuma „Trio rex“, nylon Mimmicry 3D 0.35mm, in- line system with stiff rig of Prologic VX2 florocarbon 0.50mm and hooks C3 nb4. I feed only with cobra on 15mm boilies CC Moore N-gage, most bites I had on 2 x 15mm bottom boilies.

Also the Prologic goal posts had a very important role, because they saved my rods four times from falling into the lake”.

Tight lines.