A Surprising Turn of Events

A Surprising Turn of Events #1

Our Dutch consultant Robert Bloemraad was fishing in a small lake in France last week and he send us this report:

“I was fishing a beautiful natural formed water storage reservoir in southwest France, with deep water and lots of sunken trees. Weather conditions were far from ideal – during the first 3 days the wind changed 180 degrees twice a day and the temperature between day and night dropped more than 20°. Even as low as -4°!

Due to that we caught nothing the first three days, but after a while I managed to land a few nice looking mirrors and commons. None as big as hoped for, but still beautiful fish.

I was really glad I brought the 3 lb. version of the C2 Celebration rods with me, equipped with the new Mimicry 3D Interceptor lines, as I on the fifth night – much to my surprise – got a take from a fish that kept going and going. Soon I realised this couldn’t be another carp. And it wasn’t. After a great fight I landed a beautiful catfish.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the only one in this reservoir. In the next two days some more of these strong fish found their way into my landing net, along with some beautiful carp of course.

So despite the weather it was a great week fishing in France, a great holiday in beautiful surroundings, and awesome to really feel the power of the 3 lb. C2 Celebration rods!”