Here is Adam Penning with a nice common caught on the Prologic C3C rod. 

This is the truth about the Prologic C3C rods

“As you guys will know, I only recommend gear that I have thoroughly put through its paces. That way, you can trust my word and you know what you will be getting. Since this the summer, I have been using a set of C3C carp rods in 3.25lbs.

Firstly, the rods look superb, sporting a nice ‘old school’ 3k carbon wrap, low key graphics and a nice, slim shrink wrapped handle. The ringing is perfect, with a 50mm butt and a 14mm tip which make the rod ideal for use at range and also with the slightly stiffer fluorocarbon mainline that I often prefer. The rod will easily cast a 3oz lead over 100 yards which is as far as I have used it and in all honesty, I rarely find myself needing to go above that sort of distance anyway.

I have caught plenty of carp to almost 30lbs on these rods, hard fighting commons from literally off the tip to ‘on the chuck’. I have not had one single hook pull which with such powerful fish that refuse to give up was testament I think to the action of the rod which is perfect for playing fish and retaining control without being overly stout.

If you are looking for a nicely styled rod that will do everything you need it to do at a very, very reasonable price then check out the C3C; you might be surprised just how good they are!”

Adam Penning