Chasing the fish


The wind had changed from a north-easterly to a south-westerly, and I spotted a few fish moving around in the lily pads. This boosted my confidence for a while, but it was to be like the last session, with lots of liners through the afternoon and only one run during the night. The run ended in a hook pull caused by the back lead, and I decided that if things stayed quiet a move was needed, especially now the temperatures had dropped and the fish had disappeared.
I ran my usual survey of the lake and eventually opted for the middle, mainly because I couldn’t see any signs of fish anywhere else, plus I knew there was a chance from a spot that had produced fish a couple of sessions previously. I soon had the rods clipped up and cast to the spots, with around 1kg of 24/7 over each hookbait, so, with nothing showing anywhere, it was just that waiting game we all know and love.
About two hours had passed when the right buzzer sounded, the bobbin pulled up tight and the rod bent around. Here we go! The fish hit the surface as the lead dropped and I could see this amazing colour, bright lemon-white. With the fishing trying everything to get into the sets of pads on the way in I could see it was a stunning koi, and what an amazing fish it was! OK, they’re not everyone’s cup tea but when they look this good, who cares?
A couple of nice photos later the fish was returned and I got the rod back on the spot, tight against a small set of pads near some overhanging bushes. It didn’t take long for the same buzzer to sound again and after a tense and hard-fought five minutes or so, a chunky mirror slipped into the net, tipping the scales at 31.1lbs. Now I really knew the move had been worth it.
With the pictures done and the fish swimming off into the dark water, a big grin came over my face. Another weekend, with a move which had produced some fish. Through the night I landed a silver common which I recognised and I slipped it back after treating a few scrapes with Steri 7.
Another great session and with the warmer weather coming in, it could get even better!