3 Carps in 2 Hours in December ? Why Not ?


Our German consultant Christoph Lautenschlaeger landed three amazing mirror carps recently, let’s see what is his secret in securing such a great catch in these cold days. There are a few aspects that are more than essential for catching Carp while the water temperature is dropping for about 5 Degrees.

  1. You need to find the right location. When you do, then you have to search for weed in or near deep water. But all in all, the deeper the lake you’re fishing in is, the better the spot and your chances for catching Carp in cold water.
  2. Go out fishing when it is really effective. Most of the times it’s not necessary to fish during the night because the fish aren’t really active. It’s obvious to see that the Fish are getting active with the first sun raze . So go ahead and spend the night beside your wife and go carp hunting  at the touch of dawn.
  3. Pin down your Last Meter and take care of your presentation. Due to increasingly low temperatures, most lakes become crystal clear.This is the perfect time to play by the unspoken rules of fishing and to camouflage your equipment as much as possible. Go and try the XC8 Choddy Hook combined with Prologic’s Pro Chod Super Stiff Mono and a bit of the Viper Ultra Soft two tone Camo Braid for the hair. Including a bit of our Putty pins down the Fluorocarbon Rig as much as you can and you will be outside the carp’s radar – Perfect! The Interceptor Fluorocarbon Leader is the one to use for clear water – Invisible, with high abrasion resistance and good sinking.
  4.  Be active. During winter time, forget about the standard long carp fishing sessions, and be active, keep your eyes on the water and search for the smallest of signs. You also need lighter gear and try to fish lighter in terms of  your tackle equipment  . We have new rods that are available in telescopic lengths, so make sure to have a look here, guaranteed to bring you success whilst fishing for carp in the winter time.

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Click below to see the full catch!!