Our UK consultant Tony Smeets have been using the Frame-X bivvy for a while now…

“The X Frame design gives this bivvy everything I need for my summer and winter fishing. Easy to erect and compact, this new concept in bivvy design gives you maximum room, the smallest possible footprint, and a semi-flat back to make the most of those tight swims.

Yet, the Frame-X bivvy will accommodate the largest of bedchairs and for me this is essential because I like the room, especially when Max, my carp terrier is along for the trip. For the summer I can zip the front out to give a great view and the bivvy’s small peak stops the rain driving in.

There’s also a scull cap winter skin, which gives me maximum protection in severe weather conditions. The Frame-X bivvy; I don’t know how Prologic has made such a compact bivvy so spacious inside – but I’m really pleased they’ve managed it. What a great bit of kit this is.”