Fatal Attraction



As the water temperatures start to plummet all over the UK. I turn to a style which stood me in good stead last through last winter.
I want to be able to offer everything in one just cast. Why one cast? Simply to keep the disturbance to a minimum. As the temperatures drop and the colour disappears out of the water the fish tend to shoal up in their winter haunts. The last thing I want is to have my leads and bait continuously crashing over their heads.




But at the same time I want to be able to offer a small amount of bait which with maximum attraction through both taste, smell and visually but again I don’t want to fill them up just a light snack. I love the presentation of the multi rig but have tweaked it slightly to adapt to this style and still offer the presentation I need. Small PVA bags and stringers were always a no no with this style rig as the extra weight added to the hook would simply pull the bait up the shank of the hook.




So what I have found through trial and error is by replacing the braided loop with Chod Filament/Mono it gives me the resilience I need. I have settled on using 0.53 diameters (30lb) which is a real tight squeeze twice through the eye of our size 6 XC8 Chod styled hook. A simple whipping knot joins the Chod mono to our fast sinking but very soft 20lb Abyss Braided hook link. Now a Downforce Tungsten mega drop sinker is added which can be teased down to sit perfectly on the whipping knot.dsc06765-1


This also acts as a perfect shock buffer when a PVA stick is added via a stringer needle so the during the cast on pressure is put on the baited hook. My successful stick mix is made up of Ground down Tiger, Brazil and Peanuts in a 50/50 ratio of ground down Trusty Baits N3 Boilies. Hemp oil and Liquid Tiger nut extract and N3 hook bait glug bind the mix together. Once the Stick mix has been compressed in the PVA tube three N3 Boilies are add to complete the offering and the PVA is tied off.


High attraction Sent and taste which will slowly leak through the water column and a Bright white N3 pop up hovering gently over the top completing the visual attraction and giving those carp something to home in on. The completed rig/stick can be just about be fished in any situation/surroundings which also make it ideal to cast at showing fish.