Flashback to where it started

Now I’m very fortunate to have a family of fisherman and now to have a father that is not only the best angler i know but also the Product Manager of an excellent and ever growing company. This means i have been brought up in the fishing world since i could walk. I was taught the basics and to be fair to the old man, he made me do it all. I had to know how to tie my first steel trace, set up a float and from there,it just went on and on! It was here where i slowly progressed into the carp fishing world, which was pretty much a whole new ball game having to learn water craft like i hadn’t before along with rigs, bait and all the other stuff we learn along the way.

I started out on like most people, by doing it on the local day tickets and slowly progressed on to a few syndicate lakes. This year and last i found my self targeting a lake with a stock of around 150 fish, but ill tell you now; Each and every fish in that place is a looker: Commons that look untouched and mirrors that will leave you absolutely speechless.

great catch prologic carp

My first year started slow. I just could not get my head around it and find my stride. However, this year has been completely different. I started my year back in January and on that particular session it dropped down to -4 that night. Fortunately, I landed a fish named “apple slice”, for obvious reasons, and from there i progressed and progressed to where i am now.

It was on the 7th of December when i struck gold! After the rush of getting to the lake and finding the car park empty, I got the kit out the misses car and set off on my way. We both sat at the hut on the lake, which looks right down the lake from one end to the other. When she gives me a tap on the shoulder followed by “there’s one” it was a matter of moments before i was round there and set up, 2 rods on one spot with 4 *spombs* of hemp and test bait from RG baits quickly followed by a brew seen me set for a night.

Around 7 pm i had a single bleep on my right hand rod which was then followed by a right Ronnie ripper; if you know what i mean! #MeltDown.
I made contact with the fish and it felt like a sack of potatoes, just a dead weight all the way in until it got within netting distance and then it kicked off! Vigorous head shakes and long full blown runs down the margins must of added another 10 minutes on to the fight, but cutting a long story short i landed what i can only describe as a hippopotachunk. I never found out the true weight of the fish but who cares! All I know is it topped the 38lb mark in mid summer. But in all honesty just wow! Just look at it!

Big thanks to the lads RG baits and the Prologic team
The old man Oh and of course the girlfriend for running me around and making it all possible!

tyler johnson prologicTyler did not get a chance to weigh “apple slice”, but last time he checked in at 38 lbs.