Monster Black Carp

After 3 years spent collecting information and looking for this elusive fish I finally managed to get access to a very unique place where I was told some monster black carp was swimming in.
Unfortunately those where the only information I managed to have as nobody here have ever fished for them, trying to select the size and to catch the big ones, so my expectation was pretty humble..i would have been happy to get one doesn’t matter the size I told myself on the way to the lake.



It was the chance to do the final test also for our new SNZ bite indicator who went out from the production line just few days before.

The new C2 Natura 2017 version did a fantastic job, combined with the new ultra-reliable Okuma Custom Black and our well known Mimicry Mirage line in 0.40mm diameter.




Winning presentation on a semi fix rig kit from the new Last Meter Mimicry range, ultra safe for the fish but also very effective on hook set.

I have used different hookbait on the 4 rods I was using but the winning solution was actually the most simple one : 2 freshwater snails rigged on the same way as we normally do with boilies, both fishes was caught using this bait