Get inspired!

Get Inspired!

“Do you know that feeling? When a trip to another country is coming close by. A country like France, Spain, Italy or even Serbia. A country where you can fish for carp as well.

Packing up all your gear, sorting everything out and daydreaming about what you will catch there. Well I do, and I can’t wait to go. If you are going as well soon or have been on a trip recently and caught a nice one with the help of our products, then let us know and send in a picture with one or more of our products in it. For now, get your reels full with Mimicry line, a set of extra batteries for our bite-alarms, your Hexagon clothing on and enough of our tackle in your tacklebox. Go for it! Represent Prologic! Have some great summer sessions and catch some big ones”.

-Felix van der Marel