Getting Ziggy

News coming in from our UK Consultant Rik Johnson. After a very busy few months at work, Rik managed to steal a few hours fishing from first light in the morning until dinner. He decided to fish only zigs on all rods. Using the new Last Meter foam dumbells, but cutting them into halfs and presenting black on the the bottom and white on top using the new size 10 XC8 hooks. He set them to be fished suspended off the bottom at 8,9,10ft in about 17ft water. After waiting nearly 2hrs his left rod indicated a drop back and he carfully tighten into and landed a loverly scaley mirror. After another 2 hrs his right rods started to show some interest, with his hanger just lifting and dropping slightly by about 2cm. Not normally the sort of take you expect when fishing zigs. He lifted the rod and slowly bent into a hard fighting fish which he thought could be one of the bigger residents in the lake. After a good 20 minute battle he was very shocked to see a cat fish, that was hooked fair and squarely in the mouth, had decided to take a liking to his zig rig !!

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