Go Stealth!


I found myself setting up on the backend of the lake due to the lake being packed with other anglers. I decided to go for a stealthy approach baiting my spots before setting up but I wouldn’t actually cast a line out until well in to darkness! some 7 hours later.

My favourite rig of choice would be the MKII multi rig tied using the ultra-stiff Pro Chod hook link attached via a whipping knot to the super soft sinking Abyss link, personally I have loads of confidence in this rig and have found it’s great for picking out those bigger warier fish.

In the depths of darkness I could make out fish rolling and carefully flicked out my baited rigs with the lightest leads i could find. Within minutes I found myself been being bombarded with liners and half-hearted takes…


I couldn’t nick even an minute of sleep, One of the other lads on the lake had already bagged two fish in a short space of time, but confident in my rigs i waited patiently for them to move down to me away from the pressure and noise of the other anglers.

With this being only my 4th session of the year I was still finding my feet on the lake, but with a few fish under my belt already i was feeling more than confident something was going to happen. Slowly the liners stopped and the fish stopped showing as the still of the night started to take hold lake.

Then! The lights and high pitch scream from the SMX instantly alerted me my right hand rod was away. With the bobbin slamming against the rod the rod tip arching round.

In mad blind panic I scrambled to the rod and a battle commenced. Finally I had connected to a thumping lump. I felt the instant strain and violent head shakes of the fish, my first thoughts were I’d hooked one of the lakes big cats!

After a good 5 minutes battle out in open water, with every inch I gained the fish powered off in anger! Slowly we duelled at this game of cat and mouse I found myself having what can only be described as the battle to end all wars. The fish had now power through my other rod and was causing complete chaos in the swim. Finally with aching arms I was able to bring this beast from the depths and rest up in the waiting net.


With the fish resting up and secured i called on one of the other anglers and good friend Johno to give me a hand with some pictures, it was only then when I tried to lift the fish out the water that I realised the true weight of what I had caught! With a helping hand from other lads on the lake who heard all the commotion I soon had the fish on the bank and hanging under the zeroed scales.

To my surprise the needle flew straight past the 35lb mark which meant i had smashed my previous PB but it was only when the scales settled at 38lb 4oz I realised what I had caught!

Not only had I smashed my previous PB by 8lb but also banked the lakes biggest Common and more so this experience I had shared with some truly amazing lads on the lake.

I was absolutely speechless and to say I was buzzing is an understatement! I could barely compose myself for the pictures.


Be Lucky,