Good Start for Christoph!!


Hello fellow fishermen,

Last Saturday I decided to go fishing for a few hours. It was not the best weather at all: It had been raining the whole morning and the temperature was about 2-3 degrees…enough to make you want to stay inside.

I pride myself in being an avid angler so it takes more than that to scare me. After 4 hours of keeping an eye out and not getting any action on the rod, I had to make a change. I moved one of my rods right under some overhanging trees. It was under the half hour mark when I felt I had hooked something. It was an absolute beauty, a 14 kg carp, which made me gasp for air a few times while I was trying to bring it in. As I had said in my previous posts, it is very important to keep your rods where the carp hang out. This carp was not necessarily out looking for food, but the sight of a little Boilie, some maggots and a few dipped Pellets were too attractive to say no to.

Be active, be prepared and be the best angler you can!