Last Meter Testing in France

Last Meter Testing in France

Great report coming in from the UK Consultant Liam Deacy, Liam’s been out testing some of the NEW Last Meter terminal range products in France. He says:

“I’ve taken a bit of a step back from fishing in England this year to try and make a few more trips over to France. The chateau is a place I have visited in the past but never towards the end of the year.

The weather on arrival put the fishing straight on the back foot, with a strong northerly wind hacking down towards the other end of the lake. It seemed from the first few days the fish just weren’t in front of me in numbers. I opted to fish the peg I initially booked to try my chances in the nature reserve as it’s always being a great holding for numbers of fish… The bites were coming but few and far between.

As a few days passed I noticed a lot more shows around 200 yards to my right alongside hides out in the lake. Even though I had a few days left – rather than wait for the fish to turn up in front of me – I headed for them. The peg I headed for was a very demanding one to say the least with a big part of my fishing having to wade a long way down the margin to get within casting distance of the fish that where showing.

The move paid off massively in the end with bites coming a lot more frequent from around the hides.

A very tiring week indeed but also a great result!”