Never give up ! Especially when fishing for carp

This year has been a slow one for me in terms of numbers of fish caught. On the flip side it has been an exceptional one for really big fish and with two braces of forty pound carp, I certainly wasn’t complaining!


With the start of June the banks, as always, got a little quieter. The fish have spawned and with rising temperatures making session fishing uncomfortable it can be a good time to fish short day and afternoon trips; something I love doing.


By the middle of June the heatwave arrived and a succession of days with temperatures at well over 30 degrees, culminated in the hottest June day since 1976 and, not surprisingly, empty lakes. I popped down to the Fryerning syndicate for an afternoon stalking and was quickly able to find a good sized mirror, mooching about in a quiet channel. I dashed back to the van for a rod and ten minutes later, drenched in sweat, I was crawling on my belly through the daisies, creeping up on the big grey shape before me. It was a tricky approach as the flowers hid thistles but I was determined and crawled forward to the edge, shielded from view by the lush herbage. The bait was free-lined, a foot from the edge and placed close to the shape which slowly moved over it. The line twitched and I struck into a weight that erupted in spray and left the area beneath a huge bow wave! The battle was epic and I could see a long linear as it surged for freedom. The beast was eventually netted and revealed to be a long, lean 32lb mirror – one that is very rarely caught and of pure Leney bloodline. I was absolutely ecstatic!


Two days later I was back for more and managed to get some fish feeding both on the surface and the bottom. It was an incredible session and on a lake where a bite a trip is a good result, I managed 6 in twenty four hours! The biggest came to a Krill bottom bait, positioned inches from the bank and was a 32lb common. Mirrors of 29lb and 29lb 15oz followed on floaters, along with an incredible mid twenty linear.


I returned home sunburnt, exhausted and ecstatic at what had been a top result in very testing conditions! As always, Last Meter terminal tackle served me well, along with Helo Mimicry line, Trio Rex reels, Quasar rods and the R2L alarms.