Richard Johnson, Product Manager at Prologic, is often travelling to China for work. He also manages to make room for some fishing. This time, he hooked the monster of his dreams. This is his story of how it all happened. An opportunity arises My work has changed and what use to be, an every […]

Total Carp Talks – K3 Bite Indicators

  Our friends from Total Carp Magazine got their hands on the Prologic K3 Bite Indicators – Here is what they think about it. A compact cylindrical design provides a visually pleasing product that looks unique and futuristic at a first glance, featuring the same design language used on the K3 bite alarms. There are six colour variants […]

Total Carp Talks – Lumiax MKII Headlamp

Total Carp Magazine had First Look on the LUMIAX MKII HEADLAMP. – Here are their thoughts on it. THIS NEW HEADLAMP BOASTS 135 HOURS OF BURNING TIME AND A BEAM RANGE OF 70 METRES. Just when you begin to believe a headtorch cannot be improved any more, tackle companies continue to release another with even more features that […]

Total Carp Talks – Classic Carp Rod

    Total Carp Magazine had First Look on the Prologic Classic Carp Rods – Here is Ben Francis’ words from his first impression. Before we get into the specifics of the product, it’s worth noting that Prologic launched a brand-new range of affordable rods that are being sold on a ‘buy two get a spod rod free’ deal […]

Total Carp Talks – CC20 8FT NET

    Total Carp Magazine had First Look on the Prologic CC20 8ft Net – Here is their words from their first impression. A new net that is different from the norm and offers the angler an alternative when fishing high banks. The two-piece 8ft handle can really help to reach over that marginal weed band or […]

Flashback to where it started

Now I’m very fortunate to have a family of fisherman and now to have a father that is not only the best angler i know but also the Product Manager of an excellent and ever growing company. This means i have been brought up in the fishing world since i could walk. I was taught […]


Here is Adam Penning with a nice common caught on the Prologic C3C rod.  This is the truth about the Prologic C3C rods “As you guys will know, I only recommend gear that I have thoroughly put through its paces. That way, you can trust my word and you know what you will be getting. […]

Shotgun Baiting Prologic Airbomb

The revolutionary Airbomb is simple but very effective. It will serve you well in any carp fishing situation. It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to delivering bait to our chosen areas. The humble spod took off in the early 00’s, closely followed by throwing sticks and more recently, […]

Stealth Summer Session

Our mate Tyler Johnson has been doing some summer sessions lately. Here is his report. Normally I see my self setting up on a Sunday after noon and leaving by 12 the next morning so location and a good quality bait along with the desecrate but strong end tackle by Prologic has to be bang […]

Go Stealth!

  I found myself setting up on the backend of the lake due to the lake being packed with other anglers. I decided to go for a stealthy approach baiting my spots before setting up but I wouldn’t actually cast a line out until well in to darkness! some 7 hours later. My favourite rig […]

Not To Plan

  Hoping to squeeze in a three-night session, I popped down the lake to see what had changed after four weeks away. This place always surprises me – it looked unbelievable. The pads had filled out and the lake looked fantastic. As I walked around, there seemed to be a lot of fish down at […]


ALL SHOW AND NO GO? Not any more – as Rik Johnson and son finally get out for a session My work has been manic at the moment, with shows and open days all over the world. I really haven’t had the opportunity for much bank time, so after saying goodbye to my fellow UK […]

Never give up ! Especially when fishing for carp

This year has been a slow one for me in terms of numbers of fish caught. On the flip side it has been an exceptional one for really big fish and with two braces of forty pound carp, I certainly wasn’t complaining!   With the start of June the banks, as always, got a little […]

Chasing the fish

  The wind had changed from a north-easterly to a south-westerly, and I spotted a few fish moving around in the lily pads. This boosted my confidence for a while, but it was to be like the last session, with lots of liners through the afternoon and only one run during the night. The run […]


  My spare time is limited at the moment, so I sneak in a few overnight sessions. I try to make the most of my time on my syndicate by picking the right swim because the venue is quite shallow and the cold nights can quickly change how the swims fish. The first session didn’t […]


Prologic Last Meter – Supercharged Hollow Leader LAST METER 2017 – SUPERCHARGED HOLLOW LEADERBeat the leadcore ban with our super-supple lead-free leaders. Adam Penning talks us through the Supercharged Hollow Leader…#LastMeter #CarpFishing #Prologic

Persistance is key

  UK Consultant Tony Smeets has hit the ground running on his target water this year. Following a very cold and fruitless night, Tony decided to persevere with his chosen spot, a supple-hinged rig placed tight to a marginal bush in anticipation that fish would eventually return once the temperature picked up. His patience was […]

New for 2017 from Prologic: 55″ Cruzade Brolly System.

I used the Cruzade 55″ brolly system throughout the winter and I’m very impressed. I’m not the smallest of anglers, but there was plenty of room for me and Max, my little carp dog. The ultra-compact boss gives maximum space – dimensions D210cm W255cm H125cm – and the material is 190D double-coated, a tough and […]

Off to a flier!

Off to a flier! – by Tony Smeets

The weather wasn’t looking great for the weekend, but whatever it was going to do I was bank bound. I’d looked around the lake a couple of times in the week, but had seen no signs of fish each time, so it was going to take a bit of guesswork and I decided to choose a swim from where I’d have a view of the whole lake, in case I saw fish and could move on to them…

SNZ Bite Indicators

Adam Penning Carp Angler talks us through the features of our awesome new SNZ indicators.

Welcome Simon!

  Welcome aboard, Simon! We are looking forward to another experienced angler in our team to be able to welcome: with Simon Steinkraus Fishing we strengthen our team from Prologic Deutschland and Okuma Deutschland. Simon has been fishing for over 15 years focusing mainly on carp and has been maneuvering all kinds of fish in […]

***Full gear!***

Full gear and Fully scaled… we love this specie. What a fish people. Do we have to give more comment or details? No! Enough. It’s just beautifull. Big up to our Prologic Italia guys. Well done!

Fishing With Adam Penning

The first is a mirror weighing 29lb 15ozs and came from a very tricky syndicate water. This was my only bite of the session and came during the Super Moon, early in the evening just as the moon was closest. I cast a rig to a fish that I saw show and got the bite […]

***Refresh for 2017!***

  With a new season coming closer each day it’s time to get some new mainline on your reels of course. Well at Prologic there is plenty of choice between several mainlines. Fluorocarbon(the new one), XLNT, Mimicry in several colors and so on… Just pick one that is good for your type of fishing. Refresh […]

Jurassik Carp !

{:fr}Cette miroir est un véritable dinosaure. Borgne, à la caudale surdimensionnée digne d’une palme, ce poisson est une capture unique. Anthony Dintras avait choisi pour cette pêche d’utiliser une tresse gainée « Reptilian » en 35lbs, soigneusement plaquée sur le fond avec les matériaux Tungsten de la gamme Last Meter Prologic. Une approche hyper technique pour un [...]

Fatal Attraction

  As the water temperatures start to plummet all over the UK. I turn to a style which stood me in good stead last through last winter. I want to be able to offer everything in one just cast. Why one cast? Simply to keep the disturbance to a minimum. As the temperatures drop and […]

Catch reports!

From our Consultant David, from Slovenia, we received this one! A real nice Common. Check out his story: “48 hours session on my favourite lake was extremelly hard, since fish was totally inactive, but I still managed to land few fish, topped with this 16,5 kg common beauty! Luckilly my C3 RAS 12″ 3 lbs […]

Monster Black Carp

After 3 years spent collecting information and looking for this elusive fish I finally managed to get access to a very unique place where I was told some monster black carp was swimming in. Unfortunately those where the only information I managed to have as nobody here have ever fished for them, trying to select […]

Two tone is better than one!

  Well, we do love any carp of course, but when they are two tone and massive like this one caught recently from Prologic manager Enrico Parmeggiani….they give us some really special memories !! This fish was caught using a single 20mm pop-up and semi fixed rig with drop-off lead set up.  


I got the first sample spools of Spectrum HDC earlier this year and after being told it was something special by the other consultants who’d been lucky enough to trial it, I was keen to give it a go. I am very particular about mainline choice and view the line as the single most important […]


Whether you’re out on the bank waiting for the alarms to burst into song, or stuck indoors wishing that you were…grab yourself a brew and join Prologic Brand Manager, Enrico Parmeggiani and UK Consultant Adam Penning Carp Angler as they take Prologic’s new 2017 range for a spin on a secluded, untapped water over on […]

Autumn Gold

  Just check out those superb Autumn colours ! UK Consultant Rik Johnson has been at it again! landing even more of those beautiful scale perfect stunners. Riks has been testing the new Mimicry Last Meter terminal range and is positive its been gaining him more bites. As the temperatures slowly start to fall and […]

Built for the Fight

Another stunning solid Common for our UK consultant Rik Johnson. This hard fighting brute put up one hell of a scrap after it picked up a Trusty Baits krusty Crab pop-up. Fishing a silty area at 40yrds Rik presented his version of the multi rig (As seen in the August issue of Total Carp Magazine). […]

Out There

Check out this shot that we received from our German consultant Stefan. A great picture! A nice sunset and a set up from our range. The ingredients for a good session. Especially in this time of the year and September. It’s the time to give it a another go. Maybe on a new venue? With […]

Dutch Delight!

From Holland and our teammember Dennis we received this shot. Fresh from yesterday and a typical Dutch fish. Not a big belly but XXL stretched. It measured way over a meter long and gave Dennis a good struggle on the C3 Evolutive rods and our Okuma Europe Axeon reels. A rod and reel that suits […]

The Finnish Dream !

Prologic’s Brand and Product Manager, Enrico Parmeggiani has been targeting some of Finland’s wild and unknown waters in pursuit of pristine, uncaught carp. “I’ve been fishing three different lakes but one in particular produced some really good results with carp up to 17.8kg (around 39lb). This may sound like a standard weight in Europe, but […]

Nomad By Fate – Passion for Carp Fishing

  The new Video is online NOW !  

Welcome to the Dark Side

  UK Consultant aka “Mr Consistant” Rik Johnson has been at it again – Arriving at a lake totally void of Anglers is not somthing you come across, especially on a Friday in the UK. Rik tried to make the most of this very rare opportunity, which proved to be harder than you of would […]

Seeing an old friend

  Adam Penning Carp Angler recently caught up with an old friend, the infamous and beautiful ‘Orion’ of the Quarry in Essex. Orion was part of a seven fish hit in 24-hours and tipped the scales at a massive 38lb 2oz. Adam’s usual Pro Chod Mono/Reptilian Coated MK2 Multi Rig and Sticky Baits Manilla proving […]

Future Fish !

  Isn’t she(or he)lovely. Now that’s a proper and stunning fish for the future. One with potential to grow up as a beautiful one that many anglers would like to catch. Stefan Gysbers, one of our German consultants caught several beauties like this…but this one was our favorite at Prologic. Nice one Stefan! P.S. Keep […]


  Prologic STERI-7 Xtra is the ONLY fish-friendly solution available on the angling market that is scientifically proven to kill KHV on contact. Many angling clubs and syndicates have already incorporated the use of STERI-7 Xtra Fish Care Spray and Net Dip into their rule books as compulsory items for fish care. Simply load the […]

Want to catch 47 fish a week? Ask David!!!

Slovenian Consultant David Primožič managed to land a staggering 47 fish during a 5-day stint on his local lake, this superb common being the pick of the bunch. David’s Spectrum Z Fluorocarbon and Viper Ultrasoft combi-rig accounting for the vast majority, with the XC5 hook remaining ultra-sharp to the very end of the session!


  Simply put, this aspect of carp fishing is THE most vital aspect for us to get right. Sure we can get occasionally lucky by pitching up in a swim near the car park or one that has a nice view and a flat area for the bed, but placing all our hopes on convenience […]


UK Consultant Adam Penning Carp Angler is well known for his nomadic approach when it comes to catching big carp. A recent 72-hour session on Bayeswater Syndicate saw him move swims no less than 5 times in order to stay on the fish culminating in the capture ‘Pinscale’ at 42lb 2oz. The rewards didn’t stop […]

Dedication pays off

  ‘We recently spoke to our UK consultant Rik Johnson about his very impressive string of catches he has been putting together lately using our New Last Meter products. He says – Since December i have been visiting the lake at least 3 times a week. Not always to fish, but to constantly baiting areas […]

A Day of Happy Madness

Join Tony Smeets for a remarkable 24-hour session! I arrived at the venue to find the car park empty; great start – the choice of swims was unlimited. I set up in a small corner, fishing to a snag. This particular swim hadn’t been fishing well but I knew that it does produce the goods […]


Not only does STERI-7 prevent the spread of KHV, it also eradicates any offensive odours. (That midnight bream needn’t be reminded of in the car!) Simply add one shot of STERI-7 Net Dip Solution to your wet bag along with your landing net, top-up with lake water and allow to soak for 15-seconds. You can […]

A true fisherman !

An exciting story from our very own Rik Johnson!! I arrived at the lake around midday and was surprised to find the banks completely void of anglers following a very busy weekend. Conditions were clear with the sun beaming strong, coupled with a light easterly breeze that held a nasty cold bite to it, so […]

Trusty Baits

I arrived at the lake around midday and was surprised to find the banks completely void of anglers following a very busy weekend. Conditions were clear with the sun beaming strong, coupled with a light easterly breeze that held a nasty cold bite to it, so I perched up on the point in hope that […]

The fine form continues…

  We’ve had a great start in April, good weather and big fish! River Mrežnica in Croatia has been treating us very well, giving us these 2 beauties just the other day. We hope we can keep it up and show you, our fellow anglers, even more beautiful specimens.     We have been using […]

Back to Croatia

And back to Croatia where Prologic’s Mihovil Vudrag has been up to his usual antics, outsmarting some fine specimens. A 4 night session with fellow consultant Tomislav Sestak, saw the pair bank over 20 fish up to 38 lbs. Spectrum Z Fluorocarbon stiff rigs comprising of XC2 hooks holding their own in ultra weedy conditions. […]

Miho and the mirror

Prologic’s Croatian team member, Mihovil Vudrag with just one of a fifteen-fish session from a Zagreb gravel pit. Miho fished a helicopter style stiff-rigged snow man using Last Meter Spectrum Z Fluorocarbon and a size 6 XC2 Hook.


Opting for the back of a bitter-cold wind, Rik Johnson’s first overnighter of the year saw him target a sheltered, sun-trapped area of the lake, confident that one or two residents would be making the most of the warmer water. After waking to a winter wonderland the following morning in temperatures of -2, Rik’s perseverance was […]

INDICATORS…Are you a slacker, tight or in-between ?

Prologic’s Swing Indicator Kits allow you to fine tune the weight to suit the situation on the day. So whether it’s tight, slack, semi-slack or even one of each, the Swing Indicator Kit has it covered. Each kit also features our signature quick-release hockey stick system as standard and a magnetic line-friendly clip. As with […]

Single Bleeps….Do You Lift It Or Leave It?…

Prologic’s Adam Penning with a prime example of why you shouldn’t always ignore single bleeps. Acting on the slightest of indication resulted in this immaculate 31lb 2oz Kentish Common in below-minus temperatures.

Fishing at distance on the deck?…

Prologic’s Adam Penning talks us through his favourite, non-tangle distance rig that has caught him countless carp – the ‘Bottom-Bait Chod Rig’ using our Last Meter terminal range.

Adam Penning Joins Prologic

“The carp fishing scene has expanded so far beyond the seeds sown in the UK that it is now a global pursuit. When the opportunity arose to work closely with a big, pan European company that has a solid, long term and reliable reputation, it was a logical and progressive step to take. Prologic continues […]

Getting Ziggy

News coming in from our UK Consultant Rik Johnson. After a very busy few months at work, Rik managed to steal a few hours fishing from first light in the morning until dinner. He decided to fish only zigs on all rods. Using the new Last Meter foam dumbells, but cutting them into halfs and presenting […]

Steri-7 AquaCulture through the eye of our Prologic Spy Cam

Serious about protecting fish and your fisheries ? We are !!! Taking aquatic disease and bacterial prevention to a whole new level. There will be more news coming your way about ” Steri-7” , the ”must-have” product range for every angler out there !!!

Carp Zwolle

We are very pleased to announce that we will be attending Carp Show Zwolle. Please make the time to come along and see some of the great new range of products we have lined up for 2016. This is a great opportunity to meet and great some of our Prologic consultant teams from around the […]

Good Start for Christoph!!

Hello fellow fishermen, Last Saturday I decided to go fishing for a few hours. It was not the best weather at all: It had been raining the whole morning and the temperature was about 2-3 degrees…enough to make you want to stay inside. I pride myself in being an avid angler so it takes more […]

SMX Bite Alarm Set Best Gear of 2015

Prologic team have done it again! The SMX Bite Alarm Set from Prologic has been named the best gear of 2015 by the people at Anglers Mail. Make sure to check out all the features in the video below, presented by our very own Richard Johnson.

Scales Of Perfection !

WOW !! What a truly beautiful old mirror Carp for our UK consultant Rik Johnson. This magnificent creature was just one of the truly stunning fish caught live for the cameras while finalising the testing of the new 2016 product range. Rik used the NEW XC7 hooks and the NEW LAST METER terminal range, teamed […]

3 Carps in 2 Hours in December ? Why Not ?

Our German consultant Christoph Lautenschlaeger landed three amazing mirror carps recently, let’s see what is his secret in securing such a great catch in these cold days. There are a few aspects that are more than essential for catching Carp while the water temperature is dropping for about 5 Degrees. You need to find the […]

A Surprising Turn of Events

Our Dutch consultant Robert Bloemraad was fishing in a small lake in France last week and he send us this report: “I was fishing a beautiful natural formed water storage reservoir in southwest France, with deep water and lots of sunken trees. Weather conditions were far from ideal – during the first 3 days the […]

Last Meter Testing in France

Great report coming in from the UK Consultant Liam Deacy, Liam’s been out testing some of the NEW Last Meter terminal range products in France. He says: “I’ve taken a bit of a step back from fishing in England this year to try and make a few more trips over to France. The chateau is […]


Our UK consultant Tony Smeets have been using the Frame-X bivvy for a while now… “The X Frame design gives this bivvy everything I need for my summer and winter fishing. Easy to erect and compact, this new concept in bivvy design gives you maximum room, the smallest possible footprint, and a semi-flat back to […]

Norwegian Koi

Our good friend Henrik Lind from Norway finally hit the gold pot in the middle of the cold Norwegian forest! Henrik was using our C2 Celebration rod combined with XLNT Camo line and a rig made out of our Reptilian V2 coated! Congrats Henrik, a wild koi from Norway is really a catch to remember!

Stunner Alert

Big is beautiful, but beautiful is even better! Our man in the UK Rik is defiantly having his fair share of stunning scaley carp lately. The New XC7 hooks finding their mark again, with the help of the New Reptilian hook link and Last Meter terminal components. Rik presented a Trusty Baits Krusty Crab boilie […]

Small But Chubby

Small but chubby isn’t the best characterization or compliment in this world, but when it comes to carp it certainly is. Just have a look at this beautiful fellow. We received this picture report from our Dutch friend, Mark Witte, who caught this fish on a local canal with the good aid of our Prologic […]

A Change of Tactics

Here’s a good mirror, which was recently caught by Prologic manager Enrico Parmeggiani, fishing with a single 16mm Hi-Viz pop-up. While fishing on his spot, Enrico saw a few fish jumping on his right side, around 50 meters longer from his rigs, he decided then to reel in one rod and switch from a safety […]

Carp from the Alps

Our Italian consultant, Stefano Gulmanelli, recently ventured to Austria to fish some high altitude lakes for carp. It was quite a tentative exploratory trip, but it ended up being quite successful with a handful of chunky common carp in perfect condition being landed. It just goes to prove that anything is possible!

11 Takes in Two Days

Here’s the latest from our Croatian consultant, Miho Vudrag. “Last weekend I was fishing in the mountain lake Mrzla Vodica. In Croatia it’s still very hot so this is one of a few destinations where you can enjoy fishing in low temperatures ( 15C during night). The water and nature around the lake is beautiful […]

Grinning from Ear to Ear

14 Year old Tyler managed to sneak his 9ft tele C.O.M rods in the car before his mum and dad set off on there annual holiday. Under the watchful eye of his father, our UK consultant Rik Johnson, they spotted a fish roll just off the end of the island on near by day ticket […]

True Beauty

Here’s Marco Dalla Libera from Italy with a stunning mirror carp caught during his last session in a small canal. Marco was fishing with his new set of Prologic Quasar rods in 10ft versions, single hookbaits on XC4 hook and Reptilian V2 coated hooklinks. Congrats Marco!

The Dark Common

Our German consultant Stefan Gysbers was fishing his club water doing some final testing on our new SLP rod pod that will be released around the middle of September. It was a great day and the rod pod performed perfectly even with strong side runs. This beautiful common was the perfect ending to this successful […]

Fast Water Action

Italian team member Fabio Pellizzari recently caught a bunch of good common carp on the mighty Po river. Due to the extremely hot weather Fabio decided to fish a pretty deep area where the current is flowing fast, creating perfect conditions for carp. (They tend to spend most of the time in these kinds of […]

Small rod – BIG CARP

Our Italian consultant Kevin Zanetti went fishing a mountain lake trying to escape from the terrible heat of these last weeks in northern Italy. Kevin decided to fish with his C.O.M. 9ft telescopic rods due to the small average size of the carp in that lake. It was quite a surprise, and an epic battle […]

Tackling the Weed

Good news from our UK consultant Liam Deacey! “With the weed getting really thick as of late on my syndicate water it’s absolutely essential to have the right terminal tackle for the job. And the prologic end tackle range is more than up for the task! One of Lincolnshires finest in all its glory! Xc4 […]

River Jackpot for Kevin

Our Italian consultant Kevin Zanetti just landed another fantastic 19.6kg river common, followed by another 10.5kg common a few hours later. Keeping the spot baited regularly and fishing short evening session seems to be the right strategy for our consultant who is now in the process of testing our new braided mainline. As always, the […]

Fishing in the Snags

UK consultant Tony Smeets has managed a couple of sessions of snag fishing at a local water over the last few weeks. It’s been hard fishing, but he’s had great results. A few fish made the old heart race trying to get back into the snags but it was great fun that went well. The […]

When Less is More…

UK Consultant, Rik, paid his local water a visit last Friday. But to his surprise, he did not fish. The lake was too busy and he could not get near the fish. He returned the following day to find half the anglers had left with poor results. Knowing there would of been a fair amount […]

Jackpot for David

Our man in Slovenia David Primozic nailed another fantastic fish during his last session. David spent two and half days on the water landing 15 carps in total, but let’s hear the full story from David: “I chose a swim very close to a pontoon bridge and I managed to land 15 fish, with an […]

Slovenian Carp Session

Our Croatian team members Miho and Tomo spent the weekend in a a Slovenian lake, where they methodically pre-baited. They landed over 40 carp during the session, including this beautiful Koi carp! Good job guys!

Day Ticket Success

UK Consultant Rik took a break for a few days, and decided to visit the Stanwick Lakes complex in Northamptonshire. Setting up on the Mallard lake he spotted a group of fish sunning themselves on the back of a strong/cold South west wind. He found an firm area at about 40yrds range and presented his […]

Mr. Consistent

News coming in from our UK consultant Rik Johnson. “A spur of the moment decision, proved to be the right call by Rik. With the weather still so inconsistent at the moment in the UK, Rik fished into the teeth of a Easterly wind at the shallow end of the lake knowing he only had […]

Get inspired!

“Do you know that feeling? When a trip to another country is coming close by. A country like France, Spain, Italy or even Serbia. A country where you can fish for carp as well. Packing up all your gear, sorting everything out and daydreaming about what you will catch there. Well I do, and I […]

German Obesity

Wow! Have a look at this pot-belly pig! Our German Prologic consultant, Olli, caught this fish the other day while targeting one of his local venues. The take was very subtle, but once the fish was on – it chartered off like a freight-train. Olli had to use all the muscle power in his Prologic […]