Blow Back Combi Rig

Constructed using our coated Reptilian braid perfect when fishing weedy and rough terrain, with the last 2 cm striped back which forms a perfect supple hinge. This allows for a multitude of different bait presentations. From bottom baits to pop ups a truly versatile rig. Fitted with a quick change swivel, anti-tangle sleeve, Shrink tube kicker and blow back sleeve.
• Reptilian Coated Braid
• Supple Hinge
• Quick Change swivel
• Anti-tangle Sleeve
• Blow back sleeve
• XC2 Hook

Item No.LengthBSHookPcs
5011815cm25lbsXC2 #22
5011915cm25lbsXC2 #42
5012015cm15lbsXC2 #62
5012115cm15lbsXC2 #82
5012215cm25lbsXC2 BL #42
5012315cm15lbsXC2 BL #62
5012415cm15lbsXC2 BL #82