Showing its true pedigree, being created in the same stable as the “Inspire” Carp rods. The C2 Elements offers everything the desiring angler is after with regards to looks, style and functionality. The C2 range in much more focused on offering you the correct tools to cover every situation. The 10ft version has an extremely forgiving action. Were the power is situated much further down the blank making for a very forgiving action when playing large powerful fish at close range and Boat work. The 12ft 3-3.25lb offer a much more parabolic action and are the go to rod for most of our Prologic team. Were as the 12/13ft 3.5lb options have been cleverly tuned to offer a much more focused and faster action for those of you wanting a little more. We have combined a truly magnificent mix of hi grade 24T Modulus Carbon, resulting in an extremely light yet very responsive blank. Our new very stylish satin black MM-Series guides are strong and very robust and aid further in reducing unsprang weight, reaction times and make for a much more efficient and accurate cast. All C2 Element models are fitted with 50mm M-series guides reducing the overall weight by up to 30% when compared to standard SIC ringing. Large diameter 16mm anti-frap tip guides help preventing crack-offs and aid further when fishing weedy waters and dealing with weed-jam on the line. HD-DPS reel seats make the perfect transmission from rod, reel to user and you have the added options of choosing either our Full Japanese Shrink or a very desirable Full Cork Wrapped versions.
• 24T HM Dry-Weave Styled Carbon Blank
• 50mm Satin Black MM-Series Guides
• 16mm Anti-Frap Tip Guides
• HD-DPS Reel Seat
• Differentially Tuned Actions
• 2 Stylish Handle Configurations
• SC- Slim Cork
• FS – Full Japanese Shrink

6412010ft 300cm3.25lbsAll Round2SLIM CORK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm298g
6412112ft 360cm3.00lbsAll Round2SLIM CORK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm328g
6412212ft 360cm3.25lbsAll Round2SLIM CORK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm352g
6412312ft 360cm3.5lbsXtra Distance2SLIM CORK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm366g
6412413ft 390cm3.5lbsXtra Distance2SLIM CORK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm398g
6412510ft 300cm3.25lbsAll Round2FULL SHRINK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm298g
6412612ft 360cm3.00lbsAll Round2FULL SHRINK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm328g
6412712ft 360cm3.25lbsAll Round2FULL SHRINK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm352g
6412812ft 360cm3.5lbsXtra Distance2FULL SHRINK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm366g
6412913ft 390cm3.5lbsXtra Distance2FULL SHRINK50, 40,30,25,20,16mm398g