Improved and upgraded version of our original FRAME-X, this version features the new Storm Safe Tex fabric and a new hinged X frame construction that makes the whole structure more stable and easier to set up. The LOW PROFILE version is made for the mobile angler, who wishes to have the best protection and strength that only a bivvy with high grade aluminium can offer.
• Storm Safe Tex, new coated fabric with 10.000mm hydrostatic head
• Heavy duty coated groundsheet with buckles and Velcro connections
• Flat back design for maximum internal space
• Can accommodate wide style bedchair
• Rear mozzy mesh window
• Detachable front panel
• Two-way zipper on the front door
• Metallic pegging point with elasticated tension straps
• Mozzy mesh on front door and side panels
• Full front mozzy panel optional one size fits both the bivvy and the overwrap
• Optional overwrap for maximum protection
• FRAME-X1 Size for the bivvy only: H145cm, W265cm, D165cm
• FRAME-X1 Size with overwrap: H145cm, W270cm, D180cm
• FRAME-X1 LOW PROFILE Size for the bivvy only: H115cm, W235cm, D145cm
• FRAME-X1 LOW PROFILE Size with overwrap : H115cm, W245cm, D160cm

54315Frame-X1 Bivvy 1man (H145cm W265cm D165cm)8.2kg115x25x19cm
5431654316 Frame-X1 Bivvy 1man Overwrap3kg60x23x18cm
54317Frame-X1 Bivvy 1man Front Mozzy Panel0.80kg39x16x12cm
54318Frame-X1 Bivvy Low Profile 1man (H115cm W235cm D145cm)6.7kg90x24x17cm
54319Frame-X1 Bivvy Low Profile 1man Overwrap2.5kg44x21x17cm
54320Frame-X1 Bivvy Low Profile 1man Front Mozzy Panel0.65g25x16x9cm