Made using the best materials available, these two bivvies are made to resist any weather conditions and thanks to the new construction with ultra light aero space grade Aluminum frame, they are incredibly light and compact to carry. Our Top of the range bivvy.
• 10.000HH Storm Safe Tex fabric
• Heavy duty coated groundsheet
• Removable front panel
• Mozzy mesh in 4 sides
• Ultra light aero space Aluminum poles
• Great element protection thanks to the front peak
• Metallic pegging point with elasticated tension straps
• Two way zipper door
• One man size: 225x265x136cm (w/ overwrap: 305x280x136cm)
• Two man size: 275x303x150cm (w/ overwrap: 336x320x150cm).

57094PL T-Lite Bivvy 1man12.2kg
57095PL T-Lite Bivvy 2man14.1kg
57096PL T-Lite Bivvy 1man Overwrap6.4kg
57097PL T-Lite Bivvy 2man Overwrap7.3kg
57098PL T-Lite Bivvy 1man Mozzy Panel1.0kg
57099PL T-Lite Bivvy 2man Mozzy Panel1.1kg