Cruzade Carp Kit R.T.G. kit
Cruzade Carp Kit R.T.G. contents

Cruzade Carp Kit R.T.G.

We have collected together some of our best selling products in this ready-to-go carp kit. Ultra solid black aluminium banksticks, our glorious SMW bite alarm, visual hang indicator and rod rest. The perfect solution for the “extra” rod or for anyone who is starting out in our fantastic discipline! Great value for money.

  • Two black anodized aluminium adjustable banksticks 50cm to 75cm
  • One SMW bite alarm with illuminated snag bars integrated
  • One hang bite indicator (red colour matching the bite alarm)
  • Re-inforced nylon rod rest
Item No.Description
49883PL Cruzade Carp Kit R.T.G.