Hoox XC8

Another great new addition to our range, purely dedicated to using stiff hook link materials. A 20 degree out turned eye makes it a great choice for stiff rigs, chods and zig rigs. A wide grape means the ultra- Sharpe straight point will have no problem grabbing hold on the next bite.
• CC83 High grade Japanese carbon-steel wire
• Wide gape
• Straight point
• 20 degree out-turned eye


Item No.DescriptionSizePcs
49619PL Hoox XC8#210
49620PL Hoox XC8#410
49621PL Hoox XC8#610
49622PL Hoox XC8#810
49623PL Hoox XC8#1010
49624PL Hoox XC8 Barbless#410
49625PL Hoox XC8 Barbless#610
49626PL Hoox XC8 Barbless#810
49627PL Hoox XC8 Barbless#1010