THE ART OF CONCEALMENT Following the great success of our Mimicry 3D mainline, we felt that it was only right to compliment this superb range with a collection of Mimicry 3D terminal bits. Throughout this 2-year project, we have sourced some of the most cutting-edge materials available and following an extensive field testing process we found that the Mirage pattern provided the best concealment across any type of lakebed.. The Last Meter Mimicry 3D Rig Accessory range consists of all commonly used components as well as several innovative and unique additions that will help take your presentation game to the next level.
• Can be used fixed or running style
• Swivel pin to lock the swivel
• Increased upper cone for better grip with anti-tangle tube
• Lead drop off option on the lead link sleeve
• A truly multi-purpose presentation
• Unrivalled anti tangle properties

54407PL LM Mimicry Semi Fixed Rig Kit 4pcs