A high-density monofilament which has been designed and created around all your angling requirements. Only after 2 years in development and then finally a year in testing are we now happy to introduce you to this great new product. A Monofilament which sinks so fast we just had to call it Density. We have greatly reduced the overall stretch rate, resulting in a much more focused yet direct transmission. Achieving even higher standards feedback for a precise feeling. This has all been achieved while maintaining high knot strengths and even greater abrasion resilience. Our unique treatment process after extrusion aids for higher standard of smoothness with less active memory. Meaning it behaves very limp, soft and more natural to touch, which in turn aids for longer more accurate casting. Never have we seen such a truly versatile line without any compromise.
• High density
• Fast sinking
• Low stretch
• High knot strength
• High abrasion resistance
• Low Memory
• Green or anti-glare Natural brown
• Adhesive marker every 250m

64110Weedy Green12lbs 5.44kg0,31000m250m
64111Weedy Green15lbs 6.80kg0,351000m250m
64112Weedy Green18lbs 8.17kg0,371000m250m
64113Weedy Green20lbs 9.07kg0,41000m250m
64114Natural Brown12lbs 5.44kg0,31000m250m
64115Natural Brown15lbs 6.80kg0,351000m250m
64116Natural Brown18lbs 8.17kg0,371000m250m
64117Natural Brown20lbs 9.07kg0,41000m250m