A low diameter 4 Ply PE Cross-over constructed braid, allowing you to cast further with great efficiency than ever before. The fluoro green colour is broken up at every 12ft/360cm intervals allowing you to use your marker/measuring sticks in much tighter swims by simply counting out the black markers. This robust hard-wearing PE fiber braid and has an incredibly high knot strength, which is paramount when you think just how much punishment your Spod setup receives. The PE fibers are also fused together helping to keep wind knots and frap ups to a minimum, but also ensuring a remarkable transmission and fantastic feedback. Making it our go too choice for any Marker rod and feature finding set up as well. There are 250m on each spool and two version available – Wrap-up AR (All Rounder) which is aimed for your average every day loads/casts of up to 100m meters. Wrap-up XD (Extra Distance) is much more focused for range fishing and we would recommend the use of 720cm a shock leader – 54484 Bulldozer K braided shock leader.
• 4 Ply PE Cross-over construction
• Low Diameter for efficient casting
• Zero stretch for even greater feedback
• Round profile dramatically reduces wind knots
• Green High-Viz colour,
• Wrapping markers at 12ft-360cm intervals for use in tight swims
• Spool Size: 250m
• Available in 20lb XD (Extra Distance) & 35lb AR (All Rounder)

64118Wrap-Up XD - Spod & Marker Braid20lbs 9.07kg0.16250m360cm
64119Wrap-Up AR - Spod & Marker Braid20lbs 9.07kg0.26250m360cm