PVA Bag Rig

Ideal for all solid PVA bag set ups, fitted with a ring swivel gives you the options to fish it in line drop off style or lead chip. Constructed using our Viper braid these rigs are design to be short and very discreet. Combine that with the new XC7 hooks and shrink tube kicker for greater hooking efficiency. This has winner written all over it !
• Soft Viper Braid
• Shrink tube kicker
• Ring swivel
• New XC7 hook

Item No.LengthBSHookPcs
5013110cm20lbsXC7 #43
5013210cm15lbsXC7 #63
5013310cm15lbsXC7 #83
5013410cm20lbsXC7 BL #43
5013510cm15lbsXC7 BL #63
5013610cm15lbsXC7 BL #83
5013710cm15lbsXC7 BL #103