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Reptilian Coated - example
Reptilian Coated - boxed

Reptilian Coated

High density PE fibre with a semi-stiff coating. The REPTILIAN COATED is a very good solution for the most advanced combi rig, once the coating is removed you will find an extremely smooth and supple braid inside that will allow infinite presentation solutions. Slow sinking, the coating is also a big advantage when you need to cast your rig to extreme distances, helping to reduce dramatically any risk of tangles.Semi-stiff coating
• Ultra soft PE inner braid
• Transparent coating
• Slow sinking
• Two tone brown camo

Item No.LengthBSColourSink Rate
5009215m15lbsTwo Tone BrownSlow Sink
5009315m25lbsTwo Tone BrownSlow Sink
5009415m35lbsTwo Tone BrownSlow Sink