Elegant and functional, this range of swing and hang bite indicator will suit the need of the most demanding anglers. Thanks to a new solution on the line clip you are able to use a traditional stainless steel ball line clip if you want your line free to slide or you can pinch the line on the lower line clip that is placed just underneath the stainless steel ball line clip. All the bobbins are made using high reflection acrylic transparent plastic that gives a great visual detection. All the single indicators are sold with a spare head and additional weight, while the 3 or 4 rod set is supplied with an additional all blue bobbins set.
• Twin line clip system
• Supplied with spare bobbins
• Additional weight included
• Black finish “snake” chain
• Ultra bright acrylic bobbins body
• Can accommodate beta light
• Hockey stick screw connection

54390PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 3 Rods
54392PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 4 Rods
54942PL SNZ Chubby Hang Indicator Set 3 Rods
54943PL SNZ Chubby Hang Indicator Set 4 Rods
54393PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Green
54394PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Yellow
54395PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Red
54396PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Blue
54397PL SNZ Chubby Long Swing Indicator Set 3 Rods
54398PL SNZ Chubby Long Swing Indicator Set 4 Rods
54944PL SNZ Chubby Swing Indicator Green
54945PL SNZ Chubby Swing Indicator Yellow
54946PL SNZ Chubby Swing Indicator Red
54947PL SNZ Chubby Swing Indicator Blue