Stiff Rig Mirage 3D Camo

Another Fantastic hugely successful big fish rig now constructed using our award winning Mimicry 3D Mirage hook link. Idea for bottom baits, balanced baits and snowman presentations. A larger than normal loop its tied into a ring swivel, which aids for greater moment of the rig without spooking wary fish. Also with the hair constructed from the same Mimicry material make for a very aggressive hooking action. Another proven big fish catcher !
• Mimicry 3D Mirage
• Ring swivel
• Stiff Hair
• Blow back sleeve
• New XC7 Hook

Item No.LengthBSHookPcs
5013815cm28lbsXC7 #22
5013915cm28lbsXC7 #42
5014015cm22lbsXC7 #62
5014115cm22lbsXC7 #82
5014215cm28lbsXC7 BL #42
5014315cm22lbsXC7 BL #62
5014415cm22lbsXC7 BL #82