Perfect for Spinner/Ronnie Rig style pop-up presentations or to dramatically improve hook rotation on stiff bottom-bait presentations. Supplied with short section of silicone tubing that slides over the hook eye to create an aggressive claw-like angle for instant hook rotation and improved hook holds. For stiff bottom-bait rigs, the 360° hook movement allows the bait to be approached from any direction resulting in the same devastatingly-effective hook hold. Supplied ready equipped with a ring swivel running through the eye of the hook, ensuring a much neater, streamlined presentation than a normal quick-change swivel offers. Simply tie a boom section to the large ring using your chosen hooklink material, attach a bait and you’re ready to start fishing!
• Integrated ring swivel
• New ultra long point
• Micro barb
• Shrink tube included
• Suitable for both pop-ups and bottom-bait presentations
• High quality Carbon Steel hooks for incredible sharpness
• Complete tangle-free 360° hook rotation
• Improved hook holds
• Extremely user and fish-friendly
• Available in 2 different hook patterns and 6 different sizes
• Supplied in packs of 5

62072Swivel Hook LSSize 15pcs
62073Swivel Hook LSSize 25pcs
62074Swivel Hook LSSize 45pcs
62075Swivel Hook LSSize 65pcs
62076Swivel Hook LSSize 85pcs
62077Swivel Hook LSSize 105pcs
62078Swivel Hook CSSize 15pcs
62079Swivel Hook CSSize 25pcs
62080Swivel Hook CSSize 45pcs
62081Swivel Hook CSSize 65pcs
62082Swivel Hook CSSize 85pcs
62083Swivel Hook CSSize 105pcs