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Viper 3S

High density fibres braided together with a special PE fibre which has been treated with a special anti-friction treatment. This process provided to the VIPER 3S hooklink braid creates a faster sinking ratio and very good abrasion resistance. Being not too soft the VIPER 3S is the perfect solution to fish with long rigs or in every situation where you need discrete presentation that can handle snags and debris on the lake bed.
• Fast sinking
• High abrasion resistance
• Three tone green camo
• Soft and smooth

Item No.LengthBSColourSink Rate
5008415m15lbsThree Tone GreenFast Sink
5008515m20lbsThree Tone GreenFast Sink
5008615m30lbsThree Tone GreenFast Sink
5008715m40lbsThree Tone GreenFast Sink