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Viper Ultra Soft - example
Viper Ultra Soft - boxed

Viper Ultra Soft

As clearly mentioned in the name, this is the softer hooklink braid in our range, made using 8 strands of HMPE mixed with high-density PL fibres to create the most supple and smooth hooklink in our range. All the fibres used feature a higher density than the water so the VIPER ULTRA SOFT can sink and lay down on the bottom perfectly, providing the perfect presentation of your hookbait. The perfect solution for strong but discrete presentations.
• Sinking
• Two tone green camo
• Ultra supple and soft
• Perfect for high pressured waters

Item No.LengthBSColourSink Rate
4999915m15lbsTwo Tone CamoSinking
5000015m25lbsTwo Tone CamoSinking
5000115m35lbsTwo Tone CamoSinking