Shotgun Baiting Prologic Airbomb

The revolutionary Airbomb is simple but very effective. It will serve you well in any carp fishing situation.

It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to delivering bait to our chosen areas. The humble spod took off in the early 00’s, closely followed by throwing sticks and more recently, the Spomb, each device offering their own method of baiting patterns.

As effective and successful as these devices were, compromises had to be made by the carp angler.

The spod for example, nortoriously leaked the majority of its contents before reaching your spot and the sound (or even sight!) of a throwing stick would ring the dinner bell for every gull in a 5-mile radius!

The Spomb managed to combat the aforementioned, but still presented issues of its own. Firstly, a fully loaded Spomb nose diving directly onto your chosen area, several times in quick succession isn’t going to do your spot any favours. Secondly, the baiting pattern that the Spomb offered was very one dimensional, in that it was either a tight spread of bait, or nothing.

Step forward the latest revolution in bait application, the Prologic Airbomb. This ultra-versatile baiting carp fishing tool presents a whole host of unique baiting patterns and edges. Unlike any other baiting device, the angler has full control over the payload delivery, which can be triggered mid-flight or after the device has entered the water.

By clipping the reel at a slightly shorter distance than your chosen spot, the Airbomb will trigger mid-flight and project its contents forward, spreading bait over a much wider area while the device itself lands weightless with minimal disturbance away from the spot. The radius of the bait spread is in full control of the angler. The higher the Airbomb meets the reel clip above the water, the larger the spread of bait. By spreading bait over a larger area, feeding fish will have to move between each offering. This movement between mouthfuls means that once a fish has picked up your hookbait and moves onto the next offering, the mechanics of your rig instantly come into play and the fish hooks itself against the weight of the lead.

This instant ‘shotgun baiting’ process also cuts down on the amount of casts needed than any other device, with the added bonus of beating the dreaded gulls! If tight baiting is your plan of attack, there are two ways to achieve precise tight patches of bait with minimal disturbance. Hitting the clip of the reel closer to the water gives less time for the bait to spread, resulting in a tighter area of bait.

Alternatively, remove the line from the reel clip and cast past your chosen spot. Slowly retrieve the Airbomb until it reaches the marker float or marker elastic in the tip ring and simply strike to empty the contents both silently and with pin point accuracy. The carp will never know.

The possibilities are genuinely endless with the Prologic Airbomb and are only limited to your imagination! For example, what better way to deliver a handful of floaters to surface-feeding fish at range, instantly and without the risk of spooking? The Airbombs design is very simple yet very clever. The device comes supplied with a tough copolymer leader with a large stainless steel ring at one end, a free-running swivel and two high-vis beads at the other. Simply attach the swivel via the quick-change ring located on the rear of the device and tie your mainline to the large stainless steel ring. Load the device with your chosen bait, pull tight against the high-vis beads and the tension of the rod tip (this can be done one-handed with practice!) and the device will lock shut. Finally, hook the large steel ring to the integrated hook on the back of the device and you’re ready to start baiting. The hook on the back of the device takes the full brunt of the cast using the large ring which automatically disengages during flight, allowing the leader to pass through the eye of the swivel culminating in the two high-vis beads. Upon hitting the hit of the reel, the tension of the beads trigger the Airbomb, springing open the device and project contents forward. Simple really!

The Airbomb’s casing is constructed from moulded plastic, which is very light in weight, extremely durable and highly buoyant, allowing for a fast and easy retrieve.

No need for several baiting devices ‘just in case’ anymore, the Prologic Airbomb is all you will ever need in any situation.