I got the first sample spools of Spectrum HDC earlier this year and after being told it was something special by the other consultants who’d been lucky enough to trial it, I was keen to give it a go.

I am very particular about mainline choice and view the line as the single most important part of all our fishing tackle. After all, if the line lets you down then everything else is futile isn’t it?


53719-250m-10lbs-0-28mm-clear-detail 53719-250m-10lbs-0-28mm-clear

I have used fluorocarbons on and off for many years and, in the right situations, I really like them. The lower stretch factor plus the much higher density gives you a tactile feel and response that standard monos simply don’t provide. Unlike other anglers, I don’t tend to favour fluorocarbon for any advantage in perceived invisibility. Sure they initially disappear well in clear water but if there is any suspended sediment in the water column then it will tend to collect around the line and make it stand out from the background.


I like fluoros because they sit low in the water and because they have phenomenal resistance to abrasion; the molecular structure of fluorocarbon is much denser than a standard mono and this results in amazing toughness. Generally it also makes the fluorocarbon stiffer and more wiry too but this is where the new Spectrum HDC really excels. Quite simply it is the softest and easiest to cast of any fluorocarbon that I have ever used! It is still marginally stiffer than a standard mono but is a far cry from the unmanageable, unruly fluorocarbons that we have all experienced in the past.


I have the 0.35mm loaded onto my trusty Trio Rex reels and combined with a rod that has large rings (my Quasar butt guides are 50mm) the rig can be cast with zero noise, slap and frap – it simply flies through and can be cast good distances when required.

I keep the line clean by winding in through a cloth and regularly shake the line to clean it while fishing. To do this, remove the bobbin and turn off the alarm before taking the line between your fingers and shaking it (not so violently that you dislodge the rig!) – if the light is good you will see the algae and sediment puff and disappear off the line whereupon it will become hard to see again. Line maintenance of this kind is a big edge – you must respect and take care of your line and if you do, it won’t let you down.

trio mirror

So far this year I have taken fish to over 40lbs in the UK and to over 60lbs in Europe on Spectrum HDC. I use it, I trust it and so can you!