Stealth Summer Session

Our mate Tyler Johnson has been doing some summer sessions lately. Here is his report.

Normally I see my self setting up on a Sunday after noon and leaving by 12 the next morning so location and a good quality bait along with the desecrate but strong end tackle by Prologic has to be bang on, now when I say bang on if it doesn’t blend in with the situation or bottom it doesn’t get cast in. Stealth is absolute key especially when they see up 6-7 anglers at a weekend; anyway enough of me rambling on let’s get to the good stuff.

I set up on last light most times I fish, just so I can nick a quick fish here or there if the opportunity arises, I keep an eye out for fish crashing through out the night. Once I locate where they are rigs and bait are soon put on the area. Prologic’s abyss link and their XC7 hooks put together for a KD setup and of course my go to Krusty Crab by Trusty Baits, which gets applied to the spot via catapult, shortly after the first bite came and this followed on for the rest of the night and the following weeks finally felt like i was doing something right anyway that’s my bit done be lucky a bag a chunk!’