Total Carp Talks – CC20 8FT NET



Total Carp Magazine had First Look on the Prologic CC20 8ft Net – Here is their words from their first impression.

A new net that is different from the norm and offers the angler an alternative when fishing high banks.

The two-piece 8ft handle can really help to reach over that marginal weed band or on steep banks on the river to net that prize fish. The camo fish friendly mesh helps to blend the net into the bottom to help prevent causing the fish alarm as it approaches, while the cork handle, although not to everyone’s taste, provides a real custom feel that matches to many rod butts.

The handle is made from carbon so it’s lightweight but with increased strength and durability. The spreader block is constructed with a strengthening bar to ensure increased strength over a prolonged period of use.

The push-fit joint on the handle is easy to remove once the fish is netted and you need to move the net in a confined swim, which makes things much easier.

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