Total Carp Talks – Classic Carp Rod



Total Carp Magazine had First Look on the Prologic Classic Carp Rods – Here is Ben Francis’ words from his first impression.

Before we get into the specifics of the product, it’s worth noting that Prologic launched a brand-new range of affordable rods that are being sold on a ‘buy two get a spod rod free’ deal at the latter end of last year. What’s not to like about that, eh?

The rods are claimed by Prologic as truly powerful workhorses and after to getting to grips with them myself, I can certainly vouch for that. Obviously, these are not high-end rods so they are not in the league of high-performance casting tools, but for their price tag the performance is rather impressive.

Most rods at this price point generally feel cheap and don’t deliver a good level of performance, the blank is usually rather flimsy and the action is generally not that great. However, the Classic rods simply don’t feel like cheap rods, they have a progressive action that enables the rod to be loaded with ease, and added strength in the butt section enables them to punch out a serious amount of weight. This makes them ideal for chucking solid bags and heavy leads, and they’re surprisingly accurate when chucking at range too.

Although the blank is powerful, they maintain a forgiving parabolic action to help absorb powerful lunges in the fight, which really comes into play when battling fish under the rod tip. The Classics are equipped with SiC guides, including 50mm butt rings, to help the line funnel in a controlled manner when casting at distance.

The aesthetics are delightful, a matt black finish on the blank is complemented with subtle decals, which are further complemented by a slim blank that’s topped off with a shaped butt cap.

After getting to grips with these rods, I think they are extremely well made considering the price. The fact that they come with that impressive offer is just the cherry on top! Overall, the Classics are super-versatile and I’m sure they will serve you well in a multitude of situations. The rods are available in 10ft and 12ft versions in 3lb and 3.5lb test curves; there’s also a rather special 12ft three-piece version available too, that has a 3lb test curve.


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