Total Carp Talks – K3 Bite Indicators


Our friends from Total Carp Magazine got their hands on the Prologic K3 Bite Indicators – Here is what they think about it.

A compact cylindrical design provides a visually pleasing product that looks unique and futuristic at a first glance, featuring the same design language used on the K3 bite alarms. There are six colour variants to choose from, including a white version that’s 4g heavier than the other variants as it is made from solid PTFE.

All of the bobbins have line friendly PTFE clips that grip your line without the risk of causing damage. The body is aesthetically finished with a 3k carbon weave and additional weights come supplied with the product should you wish to make them heavier when fishing at range or in heavy winds.

You can purchase the bobbins individually or in a presentation set of three or four units. Overall, these interesting new bobbins look like well designed bite indicators that will work well when used in conjunction with any bite alarm.

This is what you get:

• High density PTFE line clip
• Body made off 3K Carbon and acrylic plastic
• Spare extra 8g weight included
• Complements the K3 Bite alarm perfectly
• White version made off solid PTFE (4 grams heavier than the other colors)
• Presentation set includes extra set of blue bodies