Welcome to the Dark Side



UK Consultant aka “Mr Consistant” Rik Johnson has been at it again – Arriving at a lake totally void of Anglers is not somthing you come across, especially on a Friday in the UK. Rik tried to make the most of this very rare opportunity, which proved to be harder than you of would imagined.

He soon found some showing fish and quickly went about positioning his baited rigs. It did not take long for the first fish to take a liking to his Trusty Baits Krusty Crab pop up and grace his net and within minutes the second was on its way in. But after a few hours he noticed the fish had moved away. Not one for sitting and waiting he upped sticks and moved, in fact over the next few days he moved a total of fives times to stay in touch with the fish.

Well credit were credit is due for his efforts he was rewarded with an amazing haul of 12 fish with 2 just of them ounce’s under that magical 30lb mark. This beautiful Dark Mirror Carp being the pick of the bunch