Carp fishing a new Lake on the Isle of Wight

Simon Dew goes Carp fishing and talks tips, tactics and various methods to catch carp...


New UK PB, rigs and tactics with Frank Warwick - Carp Fishing

Watch this video when Frank goes to Devon for carp fishing southern monster carp. Joining him is his son Guy, Simon Dew, and lake owner Dave Lidstone ...


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Secret Chod Rig Hack - Carp Fishing tips

In this video Frank Warwick talks us through tips on a really simple, yet brilliant chod rig edge that will turn the percentages in your favour when c...


His Secret Hook Sharpening Edge - carp fishing

In this video Frank Warwick reveals his secret hook sharpening edge - a hook sharpening edge that swings the percentages in his favour when targeting ...


Frank Warwick Reveals His Plastic Bait Secrets - carp fishing tips

In this video, Frank talks us through his plastic bait secrets. Franks puts particular emphasis on how to flavour plastic baits effectively and what t...


Frank Warwick Reveals His Biggest Rig Edge - Carp Fishing Tips

In this video with Carp fishing tips, Frank talks us through one of his biggest rig edges that he believes makes all the difference to get you more mo...


Secret Zig Alternative - Carp Fishing Tips

Get Frank's zig fishing alternative carp fishing tips In this video. Frank talks us through a zig fishing edge that will fool other anglers as well as...


Reveals Secret Lead Edge - carp fishing Tips

Catching carp is a game of percentages, minor details can make a major difference to your catch rate. This is something Frank knows from his lifetime ...


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