Carlo Andrea Ficola

Profile of Carlo Andrea Ficola

  • Date of birth: 03.10.1972
  • Current status: Team Manager
  • Hometown: Deruta (PG), Italy
  • Activities: Love fishing


I grew up a few meters from the Tevere river. I have always been a fisherman, I became passionate about carp fishing at the age of twenty, starting to cast unlikely rigs along the golden banks.

After the first results, the great desire to succeed and the new fame led me to move away from domestic shores almost immediately to challenge the waters which were already sought after destinations at the time.

Ostellato, Scandarello, Pusiano give me emotions that are still imprinted in my mind today. The volcanic lakes of central Italy subsequently become the locations of most of my sessions. Altering some trips outside the border with some fished in large quarries, the innate love for the river leads me to try other waterways such as the Arno and the Serchio without ever abandoning my native banks where, with shots of Stalking, I pass peacefully My summer afternoons waiting for the next big challenge.


I love fishing in all types of waters, from small rivers to big lakes. I have never had an obsession with catching monsters but I have always wanted to experience great emotions. Every catch is a success but, of course, every time I release a big fish the smile stays on my face for longer.

The three keys to success

  • Precision
  • trust
  • steadiness