Gábor Tóth

Profile of Gábor Tóth

  • Date of birth: 01.09.1987
  • Current status: Pro Staff
  • Hometown: Pápa, Hungary
  • Activities: Carp fishing
  • Joined the Team: 01.01.2020


I’m a passionate carp angler. My favorite bait is the boilie. I don’t use seeds and pellets, only boilies all year. If I can, I take the bait by boat. This way is very accurate and effective. My favorite lakes are the reservoirs and the peat quarries.


I have been fishing since I was a child. It became my passion. When I’m on the water, my brain turns off and I only live for the nature and the carps. There is silence and calm. The air is clean and away from the noise of the city. Birds, deer and wild boar. It’s all a miracle and I’m a part of it.

The three keys to success

  • Open your eyes
  • Believe in yourself
  • Believe in your bait