Hugh Barnes

Profile of Hugh Barnes

  • Date of birth: 13.01.1985
  • Current status: Prologic Consultant
  • Hometown: Mighty Bristol, England
  • Activities: Work, family, more family, fishing and maybe a bit of exercise from time to time
  • Joined the Team: 03.01.2022


Prologic is an brand which offers high quality products, in a wide range of products. Whether it’s 13ft distance rods or a 10ft rod perfect for stalking opportunity. Continuing to develop new products ideas is a priority, making the anglers time on the bank more enjoyable. From the moment talks were started with Ed, you could tell how passionate for the sport the company is, and only good things lie ahead. It was for these reasons, that myself and Shaun were so keen to come onboard after our You Tube channel ‘The Fishing Bloggers’ was noticed.


For most, fishing offers us a distraction from the stresses and strains of every day life. It is not a job for me, it’s unlikely to ever pay the bills (wouldn’t that be nice 😆) but it helps me recharge the batteries and have a focus in life that’s under my control. Now that got a little deep for me, and for those of you i meet on the bank or at a show, you will quickly learn I like to have a laugh. Fishing allows us to witness stunning sun sets, observe beautiful nature and rant about rubbish to our new best mate from the swim next door. As passionate as I get about it, I always try to remember these points, and appreciate every single session I get.

I have a fairly stressful job, which I won’t go into, and a young family which together limits my time on the bank. For this reason my carp fishing sees me always working hard for a bite, rather than trying to target a particular fish, or a single lake campaign.

Like many of you I started casting out under weighted floats, catching minnows from the local river. One morning I remember striking the float and instantly being flat rodded. After a hairy battle on a ropey glass rod my little sister slipped the net under a monster carp. Ok so I’m reality it’s was about 4lb, but I made her run all the way home to get a bucket and our mum so we could admire it for a few extra minutes. From that moment, I was hooked… 🎣

The three keys to success

  • Time on the bank
  • Flexible methods
  • Enjoying your time