Lee Leake

Profile of Lee Leake

  • Date of birth: 10.06.1976
  • Current status: Steelworker
  • Hometown: Scunthorpe, England
  • Activities: Carp fishing
  • Joined the Team: 01.01.2021


Fishing and photography are my 2 main passions in life and there's nothing more I enjoy than being out on the bank fishing and capturing shots of everything  from tackle, to scenery and nature. I was asked to join the Prologic team in January 2021. After using various Prologic products over many years of carp fishing I was more than happy to accept the offer to join the team. All the products I need for my fishing are already here and with more innovative products coming through every year, the brand goes from strength to strength.


Fishing for me started at a young age, fishing with friends on local ponds, canals and rivers for roach and perch amongst other species. After joining a local club water and seeing someone catch a 20lb carp, it was from that moment I knew carp was the species I wanted to target. Now over 30 years later I am still targeting carp from club waters and syndicates and still have the same passion as I did all those years ago.

The three keys to success

  • Observation
  • Application
  • Being mobile