Nicolas Leleu

Profile of Nicolas Leleu

  • Date of birth: 25.01.1989
  • Current status: Qualite control agent
  • Hometown: Sains Du Nord, France
  • Activities: -
  • Joined the Team: 06.03.2017


Passionate since my youth about the fishing world, I categorize myself as a "feeling" fisherman. I follow my desires of the moment to survey the lakes, rivers and canals of my region. It is not the yield that drives me in this sport, but the atmosphere, the scenery and the catch of atypical fish.


My fishing is furtive and short but precise.

The spot and the weather of the moment go together in my approach.


As far as equipment is concerned, I stay on safe values, such as SMX detectors, fastwater rods or simple but efficient set-ups, like blowback rigs.


Son of a fisherman and bait salesman, I fell into the pot as a child.

I started fishing with a carp, and I got my first taste of fishing with a carp.


Fishing came when the desire to escape and tranquility became my priorities.

The Meuse and Moselle wilderness fascinates me for these reasons!

The three keys to success

  • Perseverance
  • Challenging yourself
  • Following these feelings