Nicolò Esposito

Profile of Nicolò Esposito

  • Date of birth: 15.02.1992
  • Current status: Football Player
  • Hometown: Bergamo, Italy
  • Activities: Carp Fishing
  • Joined the Team: 01.01.2022


I have always dedicated a lot of time, effort and passion to fishing, always trying to optimise my free time..
I've always been a curious and enterprising: if I set a goal I will dedicate all myself to achieve it!
Joining Prologic has been a source of enormous pride and satisfaction for me, I am honoured to be part of it and grateful for those who believed in me.
Hard work always pays off, I love making quick sessions, looking for fish, seeing it, chasing it but I also love all the aspects of fishing, from the river current, to fishing in large lakes with a dinghy during lon sessions.
Fishing is a part of my life, cannot live without!


As I said I love fishing, it's a fundamental part of my life.
It's the most beautiful sport in the world because I never expect anything from fishing, every time it's like the first one: everything can happen, nothing is taken for granted. The world around just stops, everything disappears and it's just me, nature and my faith.

The three keys to success

  • Research
  • Details
  • Constancy