Robert Adamski

Profile of Robert Adamski

  • Date of birth: 12.12.1975
  • Current status: -
  • Hometown: Wudzyn, Poland
  • Activities: Carp angling
  • Joined the Team: 01.02.2021


I started my cooperation with Prologic brand as a consultant many years ago. Even then I remember that Prologic products aroused great enthusiasm among carp anglers. I was very pleased when Polish distributor asked and offered me cooperation. It was and still is an amazing adventure. It was a personal experience to participate in creation of products which later appeared on the market. Carp and this way of fishing fascinated me in 1999, when I saw huge fish caught on warm waters and I wanted to do the same. When it comes to technique, I just adapt it to the fishery. I certainly like hauling and setting my sets in places that can't be fished from the shore. Carp fishing is a piece of my life. It is a passion, but also a way to relax from everyday life.


I love relaxing in the nature. Singing of birds, croaking of frogs, and floating of those fish that haven't been caught yet. A cup of hot coffee in the morning does not taste like this anywhere else. This is my second home, and maybe even the first one ;-)

The three keys to success

  • Be patient.
  • Believe in yourself and your lures.
  • Sonde the fishery well.