Shaun Rexworthy

Profile of Shaun Rexworthy

  • Date of birth: 06.08.1986
  • Current status: -
  • Hometown: Bristol, England
  • Activities: If it’s got fins, I’ll try and catch it
  • Joined the Team: 03.01.2022


As a content creator I have been given the opportunity to try and test products from several companies, this has given me the experience to know what makes a good product. Joining Prologic as a consultant has given me access to some fantastic products that I can use to progress my carp fishing. I accepted the role on the team as I believe in the brand and the direction they are heading. I feel this is a company that I can get involved with and make a difference, bringing ideas to develop new products and bring them to market. The team is full of anglers with a passion for the sport, brand and motivated to improve what is already a fantastic company, I just wanted to be part of this journey!


My old man taught me how to fish, on the river trotting a float for anything that was slow enough to get hooked by an excitable and impatient kid. I caught most UK river species through various methods before moving on to lakes targeting carp. I have always been an angler, not a ‘carp’ angler and enjoy fishing for all species. Carp fishing has defiantly taken up most of my time as an adult, especially since making the decision to create videos for my YouTube channel.

I created a YouTube channel so that I could inspire people to enjoy fishing and the environment we get to enjoy away from the hassle of everyday life. I wanted to provide the average angler an escape when they didn’t have the time to get out themselves. I have been self-taught in videography, photography and editing and continue to learn and create with each video.

My YouTube channel has given me the chance to meet so many great people that also enjoy the sport, it still amazes me when I’m out and about and get stopped by a subscriber who just wants to let me know how much they enjoy the videos, this just fuels my drive to create content for everyone to see.

The three keys to success

  • Enjoy it
  • Consistency
  • Fish for the small ones, there’s more of them and it’s easier!