Teddy Lebreton

Profile of Teddy Lebreton

  • Date of birth: 21.06.1986
  • Hometown: Versailles, France
  • Activities: Carp
  • Joined the Team: 06.02.2018


I joined the PROLOGIC team, because the products are of quality, but not highlighted enough to reach a greater number of fishermen. I want to try to highlight the brand, at the water's edge, on social networks as well as in the fishing shop in which I work.


For me fishing is not only a sport, it is certainly a hobby, but it is above all a passion, a way of life. Fishing in addition to bringing different emotions, joy, success, failures, and also an outlet, a way to ventilate the mind, to get out of the daily routine.

The three keys to success

  • The observation
  • Adaptation
  • Questioning...